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Protecting Your Rights And Interests In Divorce

If your marriage is ending, the decisions you make now about how to handle it will have a profound effect on your future. Getting the legal guidance you need is critical.

At Laura Robbins Law, L.L.C., in State College, our attorneys help people like you resolve divorce issues effectively and find a path forward. Call our office at 814-753-4625 to arrange a consultation with a skilled lawyer.

Attorneys For All Of Your Divorce Issues

Our attorneys’ representation in divorce cases is comprehensive, covering the full range of potential issues. These include:

  • Property division: Dividing assets and debts requires detailed information and a clear understanding of your rights and obligations. Our attorneys can guide you through the process.
  • Spousal support: Many factors affect whether financial support for an ex-spouse is warranted. We will explain how this works and help you take appropriate action.
  • Child custody: Custody and parenting time arrangements must be handled with great care. Our attorneys will protect your interests.
  • Modification of divorce orders: If circumstances change, it is possible in some cases to change the terms of a divorce decree.

With our attorneys’ extensive experience and commitment to clients’ interests, they can help you resolve the issues you face and create a new family structure that makes sense for your situation.

Take Action Today For A Better Tomorrow

Get started with your divorce today by calling our office at 814-753-4625 to arrange an initial consultation. Or, if you prefer, complete the brief online form.