Emergency Orders And Modifications
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Addressing Dangerous Situations With Emergency Orders

Filing a nonemergency motion in court for your family law matter can result in waiting weeks or months for a hearing or conference, depending on the court’s schedule. However, if you have an emergency situation, you need results immediately. In some situations, it is possible to ask the court for an emergency order pending a hearing or conference. It is important to speak with an experienced family law attorney about your urgent matter so you can determine whether or not this is a viable option for you.

Is Your Situation An Emergency?

An emergency situation is a situation which cannot wait. For example, are you going through a divorce and your spouse is removing or hiding assets? Are your children being subjected to abuse or neglect, to the extent that you fear for their safety? Is the parent or grandparent of your children threatening to kidnap your children? Determining what is in fact an emergency situation is case specific, and a skilled family law attorney needs to fully analyze your situation to determine whether or not asking for an emergency order is in your legal best interest.

Schedule A Consultation With A Family Law Attorney

At Laura Robbins Law, L.L.C., our lawyers understand and respect that some family dispute situations are urgent. We strive to deal with emergency situations as soon as possible so you and/or your children are not harmed due to a lapse in time. If you feel that you have an emergency situation, please call our State College law office to schedule a consultation. Our responsiveness is your gain.

Please call 814-753-4625 or contact us to schedule a consultation regarding your emergency matter.