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Violating Family Court Orders Can Lead To Strong Penalties

Court orders are issued with the expectation that they be followed. Unfortunately, not everyone follows them. Sometimes this is due to a party’s direct refusal to abide by the court order, and sometimes a party is unable to abide by the court order for a variety of reasons. Whether you are not following a court order, or the opposing party is not following the court order, it is important to hire an experienced family law attorney to assess the matter.

What Penalties Can Apply To Your Situation?

Depending on your type of family law situation, there could be a wide array of possible penalties for contempt of court. For example, if an obligor gets behind in their child support or spousal support obligation, incarceration is a possibility. If a party violates a child custody order, it is possible that the injured party may be awarded makeup time with the children. Financial compensation is also possible for violation of some family law court orders. It is important to contact an attorney who is experienced with contempt of court matters so you understand the penalties for this type of action.

Should A Contempt Of Court Action Be Filed?

Having an experienced family law attorney assess your contempt is extremely valuable. It is not always necessary or productive to file a contempt of court action even when a party is violating a court order. It may be possible to save attorney’s fees by simply calling the opposing party or their attorney and finding a resolution to the situation. There are also other ways of resolving family law issues besides immediately filing a contempt of court action.

Receive Clear Counsel On Court Order Violations

For more information about a contempt of court action or any type of family law, contact one of our family law attorneys at Laura Robbins Law, L.L.C. today by email or at 814-753-4625. Our lawyers handle divorce matters, child custody and other family law matters in State College, Bellefonte, Lock Haven, Lewistown and the surrounding areas.