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Get The Representation You Need For Your High-Conflict Custody Case

After a separation and/or divorce, it can be very difficult for some couples to agree on what custody arrangements are best for their children. This can be due to a variety of issues – domestic violence, mental illness, child abuse and other reasons play a very important role in the development of a high-conflict custody case.

At Laura Robbins Law, L.L.C., our attorneys have extensive experience in family law. We consider a high-conflict custody case to be one where a hearing or series of hearings are necessary to determine what kind of custodial arrangements are in the best interest of the minor children involved.

We Help You Navigate Your Custody Conflict Effectively

Obviously, enduring a high-conflict custody situation can take its toll on the children. However, these types of cases are also physically and mentally taxing on the parents. As a parent and litigant, it is important that you learn how to navigate a high-conflict custody situation effectively. Dealing with high conflict ineffectively not only increases the mental and physical toll on the children and parents, but it can also lead to an unfavorable decision against you in court. Learning how to effectively manage conflict with the other parent, which includes having retained a competent and experienced attorney throughout the custody process, will assist you in taming your custody conflict.

Your Path Through Custody Conflict Starts Here

To obtain high-quality legal advice and representation for your high-conflict custody case, please call Laura Robbins Law, L.L.C., in State College at 814-753-4625. We are here to serve you.