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Answers For Common Child Custody Questions

Child custody is easily the most nerve-wracking and fraught aspect of any divorce. You no doubt have many questions about this process. At Laura Robbins Law, L.L.C., we will do our best to answer some of the questions we have received about Pennsylvania child custody issues.

What does the court consider in child custody cases?

Judges consider 16 factors when issuing custody decisions. A few of these include:

  • Each parent’s duties on behalf of the child
  • The child’s need for stability and continuity
  • The child’s preference, based on maturity and judgment
  • Past or present abuse or neglect
  • Past or present mental health issues or addiction

I am not the child’s biological parent. Can I still get visitation or custody?

In certain cases, the court will grant visitation or custody rights to people other than the child’s biological mother and father. If a blood relative has a long-standing relationship with a child, then the court may grant visitation rights. But to obtain custody, relatives or third parties must show that the biological parents cannot care for the child competently.

What are Pennsylvania’s laws on grandparents and custody?

Many grandparents feel devastated if they cannot visit their grandchildren. But the state of Pennsylvania only grants grandparental visitation if:

  • One of the child’s parents has died
  • The parents have divorced or separated for six months
  • The child has lived with the grandparent for at least 12 months

How can I be sure to get custody?

Unfortunately, we cannot determine your likelihood of obtaining visitation or custody unless we understand your case in greater detail. To talk to our lawyer about child custody, schedule a free consultation at our office in State College.

Ask More Questions At Your Consultation

Need additional custody guidance? Our firm offers consultations to discuss your custody case. Call us at 814-753-4625 or send us an email to schedule your consultation and ask your questions in detail.