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Proven Attorney To Handle Spousal Support Issues

Numerous questions are answered during a divorce. The answers to those questions will shape your life for years to come. This makes it all the more critical that the answers to those questions accurately reflect the reality of your needs, desires and circumstances.

Making an accurate determination regarding spousal support may be absolutely crucial to both spouses being able to establish and maintain their new households.

The main questions associated with spousal support or alimony are:

  • Is spousal support appropriate in your divorce?
  • What amount of spousal support is necessary?
  • How long will spousal support be needed?

Is Support Called For In Your Situation?

At Laura Robbins Law, L.L.C., our spousal support attorney has the experience necessary to help secure a spousal support arrangement that works with the reality of your circumstances. If an arrangement cannot be agreed upon regarding spousal support, the issue may need to be litigated. I have extensive experience helping clients fight for what they deserve in divorce cases.

There are two types of spousal support available in Pennsylvania:

  • Alimony pendente lite
    This is a form of temporary spousal support that is available only during the pendency of the divorce. It is designed to help when there is a significant income difference between the two spouses and one of the spouses cannot sustain themselves.
  • Spousal support
    This type of support is ongoing during a divorce. There are various factors considered when a determination of spousal support is made.

What Factors Affect Spousal Support Or Alimony?

Factors that go into the determination of spousal support include:

  • Length of marriage
  • Income
  • Earning potential
  • Age
  • Health
  • Contributions to the marriage
  • Fault

Contact An Experienced Attorney At Laura Robbins Law, L.L.C.

If you are facing a determination of spousal support, it is critical that you have legal representation that can help you secure an obligation that is appropriate for your situation. To schedule a free initial consultation with a skilled lawyer, call 814-753-4625 or simply contact us online. We accept credit cards for our clients’ convenience.