How can I avoid holiday co-parenting disasters?
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How can I avoid holiday co-parenting disasters?

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2022 | child custody

Post-divorce with kids can be rife with landmines as co-parenting can be hard. This is especially true during the holidays, which can be a delicate time for everyone. Some may try to spend the holidays together to make sure their children feel loved and to keep traditions alive. Others may try to have two separate holidays, and others may horse trade holidays. And, now that the holidays are largely over, many probably have their own disaster stories. As such, this post will help avoid them in the future.


Separated spouses who have children should talk about the holidays and make a plan. They should decide how holidays will be celebrated, together or separately. Are their holiday traditions that existed prior to the divorce that either spouse want to continue?

Once the plan is made, stick to it, and do not try to change it. Stability is a hallmark for successful co-parenting because the divorce likely turned the children’s lives upside down. The holidays should be a time to shower children with love. In other words, make a plan that makes post-divorce holidays look like pre-divorce holidays, as much as possible.

Keep the child’s best interest at heart

In even the most amicable splits, there might be some underlying resentments. Please, keep these resentments out of view of the children and the holidays. The focus should stay on the children.

Do not make the holidays a competition. It does not matter who spends the most. Focus on maintaining and creating positive memories for the children. Stability is what they crave, and at these times, it is the duty of both parents to provide that stability.

Magical time

Remember, the holiday season is a magical time for our State College, Pennsylvania, children. That should be the focus for both parents.