Divorcing with your kids in mind
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Divorcing with your kids in mind

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2023 | divorce

It may feel easy to justify staying together with a spouse for the sake of your kids. Even if you two no longer communicate, the media often portrays divorce as a devastating negative situation for children.

However, while divorce is a big change for kids, sometimes it is better to provide them with a coordinated situation in two houses than a chaotic environment in one. The Calli Institute highlights the pros and cons of divorce involving children.

Common concerns with divorced children

The usual expectations make sense. A disrupted life may lead to frustration or a lack of focus. Children may experience mental health issues and behavioral problems or may fall behind in school.

Silver linings after a divorce

When children find themselves between households and spending time with you or your spouse on a schedule, some habits and skills emerge. Divorced children may learn lessons like empathy or communication. They may realize that your divorce was in your best interests and recognize what a healthy life and relationship look like. You may have more time to spend with them and develop a stronger relationship.

Honesty and adjustments

It is difficult to claim that divorce is not hard on kids. They would have an easier time if things were more stable and positive. However, you do not consider divorce if the situation is stable and positive.

When the question of divorce comes up, it is important to be honest with your children, your spouse and any resources you lean on. With the right planning and information, you may help your children transition past your divorce in a clean and healthy manner.