Incorporating virtual visitation into a custody plan
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Incorporating virtual visitation into a custody plan

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2021 | child custody

Children and parents benefit when they are able to spend time together. Whether it is in their shared home, out at the park, or on a different adventure, face-to-face time between Pennsylvania youths and their parents is priceless. However, many factors can make it difficult for parents and kids to be together during and after divorces.

A relocation or move may alter the way that a non-custodial parent and their child interact. In some jurisdictions, virtual visitation is an option to help bridge the physical gap between family members. This post discusses virtual visitation but does not offer any legal advice. Parents who wish to explore the use of technology in their custodial and visitation plans can contact their trusted family law attorneys.

What is virtual visitation?

Virtual visitation is not in-person visitation. It is contact between parents and kids through electronic means. Some types of technology that can be used to support virtual visitation can include:

  • Written communications like email and texting
  • Video streaming like FaceTime, Skype, and video chat
  • Traditional phone calls
  • Document and photo sharing through online sites

Virtual visitation is not meant to replace real visitation. Instead, it is intended to provide a way for parents and kids to connect when physical distance restricts their abilities to be close.

Working virtual visitation into a parenting plan

Virtual visitation can help some parents and kids stay connected, but it can also be difficult if co-parents do not support the communication between their kids and exes. Parents who interfere or prohibit their kids from having virtual communications with their co-parents can cause difficult and sometimes painful rifts in those important relationships.

If virtual visitation is something that a parent wants to explore with their child, it is important that they speak with their family law attorney about. Their legal representative can help them incorporate virtual visitation into their custody and parenting plans so that it is both recognized and enforceable. Parents and kids deserve to have contact with each other, and virtual visitation can be a tool to encourage those bonds.



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