Beware the dangers of parental alienation
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Beware the dangers of parental alienation

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2020 | child custody

Divorce brings out the worst in some people, so you have to be aware that this might be the case when your spouse learns that you’re ending the marriage. The problem is compounded if you have children because you might have to deal with parental alienation, which can lead to your children developing a negative impression of you.

Parental alienation is a horrible situation for the children. They have to hear one parent speak negatively about the other one. The situation can become so intense that they start to believe the parent’s badmouthing. 

There isn’t any reason for a child to be dragged into this type of custody situation. Instead, they should be able to count on both parents for support. When one parent is trying to turn the children against the other, the situation can become so volatile that the court has to step in. 

Oftentimes, parental alienation is associated with narcissism. The parent who is speaking ill of the other parent thinks they are always right and everyone else is always wrong. They are so selfish that they don’t see how they are harming the children. Even if they are told what they are doing, they won’t see it for what it is. Instead, they will deflect the blame back on the victimized parent as hard as possible.

When you’re dealing with parental alienation, you must ensure that you document what’s going on. These situations are often a challenge to handle because they sometimes devolve into a situation in which one person’s word is placed against the other’s statement. Ultimately, the court needs to do what’s best for the children. 


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