Facts and myths about child custody in Pennsylvania
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Facts and myths about child custody in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2022 | child custody

Getting a divorce is difficult in the United States as well as in Pennsylvania. The divorce process can be complicated. With child custody, it is important that you become educated about the relevant, essential facts and also make sure that you can distinguish between facts and myths.

Myths are often so believable that the people may not necessarily question their validity or credibility. That can be dangerous if you are going through the divorce process because it may bite you later on.

What are some of the common myths in Pennsylvania child custody?

The following are common myths:

  • You and the other parent agree that the child will live with you but you need a court order to make it official: If your relationship with the other parent is amicable, you may not need to go to court at all.
  • If the other parent doesn’t pay child support, they don’t have the right to see the child: In Pennsylvania, financial support and custody are not tied together. If you can’t see your child, for whatever reason, you still need to support your child. However, you still have the right to see your child if you are not supporting that child financially for whatever reason.
  • If the court decides that one parent has partial custody of the child, it can force that parent into seeing the child: The court actually does not have the power to do this if that parent is not willing to see the child. However, the court will force the supporting parent to pay for the child no matter what.
  • The father’s name must appear on the birth certificate: If the mother is married when the child is born, her husband is automatically assumed to be the father. However, the biological father’s name will appear on the birth certificate if the mother and her husband identify and acknowledge him in writing as the biological father.

Legal support from a Pennsylvania custody attorney

When it comes to custody matters, the best interests of the child are the highest priority. An experienced Pennsylvania custody attorney can advise you on the steps to follow and can help you to protect your rights and those of your child. It can be comforting and valuable to have quality support and your case will hopefully have a positive result for everyone concerned.


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