Leaving may not be enough to stop domestic abuse
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Leaving may not be enough to stop domestic abuse

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | divorce

The movies and television shows about domestic violence victims usually end when the abuse victim finally leaves. There may be some dramatic “final battle,” but the story usually ends when the victim leaves. Does this mean that leaving stops domestic abuse?

Leaving usually does not stop it

Unfortunately, in the vast majority of domestic abuse cases (over 90%), the abuse will not stop after you leave or divorce your abuser. It will simply change, and that changing abuse can last for years or decades.

Account access

The moment that your State College, Pennsylvania, abuser thinks that you are going to leave, they will immediately look to make you destitute. They will drain accounts, cancel cards, etc. You need to plan for this and have money or separate credit cards ready.

Block you from getting a new place

Your abuser will also try to take away your ability to find a new place by tanking your credit score. They can do this by applying for every credit card and loan they can, which will dramatically drop your credit score, even if you can get those cards and loans canceled. As such, you should have a place lined up before you leave.

Document the abuse

The moment you reach that point where you want to leave, you should gather all of the documents and photographs possible to document your spouse’s abuse. Even if it is just a diary written contemporaneously to the abuse and backed up by photographs, something is better than nothing. And, this will help your State College, Pennsylvania, lawyer make the case for protective orders, giving you primary custody, etc.