Are there any tips for successful co-parenting?
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Are there any tips for successful co-parenting?

On Behalf of | May 23, 2022 | family law

For divorcing parents, postdivorce life can seem scary prior to taking the plunge, especially when it comes to children. However, co-parenting can be relatively painless, should both spouses follow the following tips.

Children-first mentality

First, and foremost, both spouses must agree that the needs of the children come first. Both spouses must agree to keep the children’s best interests at heart, and while both spouses may not ultimately agree on what that means, if they both can come from that place, finding compromise will be much easier.

Consistency and steadfastness

Pennsylvania children need consistency to thrive and adults need steadfastness in plans to live their lives. This is why it is so important to make plans ahead of time and stick to those plans.

Only for emergencies should either parent ever attempt to change parenting plans. These plans are often made months, if not a full year, in advance, and both parents and children need these plans to not change.


While communication may not have been a strong suit of divorced couples during their marriages, it must be impeccable to ensure good co-parenting relationships. This may require getting State College counseling or going to some form of communication classes, but understanding what each other means can help avoid fights in the future.

This goes for the kids too

Open communication does not only mean between the parents but it also means with the children. Be open with your children. Let them ask questions, and answer them as honestly as appropriately. Tell them what is happening and why (again, as appropriate).

Find a way to give kids ownership

Give the kids ownership in the process by bringing them along while State College, Pennsylvania, apartment or home shopping. Take them to the store to decorate the home. Give them their own space in the new house, and if possible, bring something from the old family home.


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