What issues will come up in your divorce case?
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What issues will come up in your divorce case?

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2021 | divorce

When Pennsylvania residents are going through a divorce – whether they initiated the case or their spouse did – it is understandable that they have more questions than answers in the early part of the case. A divorce can be a completely life-changing event, which is why it is so important to get the ultimate result of the case right. In any given divorce case, there are common issues: property and debt division; alimony; child custody; and child support. So, what issues will come up in your divorce case?

For spouses who do not have children, child custody and support obviously will not be part of the case. However, that doesn’t mean that those types of divorce cases are easier. The issue of property and debt division can oftentimes get contentious real quick. Determining which assets are “marital” assets can be tricky, as can valuation opinions on certain assets. And, when you figure in retirement plans, pensions, investment accounts and real estate holdings, among other assets, there is no question that the issue of property and debt division can certainly bog down a divorce case.

For spouses who do have minor children together and who are going through a divorce, child custody and child support can be the issues that spark emotions from both sides. After all, most people want what is best for their children but, in a divorce case, the opinions of what is “best” can differ substantially. If the divorcing spouses cannot work out an arrangement through out-of-court negotiations or through mediation, it may come down to the decision of the family law judge in the case.

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