Length of marriage can change divorce priorities
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Length of marriage can change divorce priorities

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2021 | divorce

There are a lot of legal issues that can come up during the course of divorce. But determining which of those issues is most important to you may depend on how long you’ve been married to your spouse.

Short-term marriages

Marriages that are shorter in duration, lasting 10 years or less, are more often than not focused on child custody and financial stability. After all, 10 years into a marriage you probably still have young children that you want to protect, and you’ll want to have some sort of custody arrangement that ensures that you can continue to maintain a relationship with them. Also, the financial implications of divorce are oftentimes more important to those in short-term marriages, so property division can be more tense.

Mid-range marriages

These marriages, lasting up to 20 years, are more focused on the financial implications of divorce and how to support children who are growing into adulthood. This means that issues such as college and living expenses can be a focal point. Spousal support can also become a factor in these cases too, given that those who are a part of a mid-range marriage may have given up their career prospects for a significant period of time to help raise the family.

Long-term marriages

Divorces involving these marriages often focus on retirement, which can be challenging since finances have usually been intertwined for decades at this point. Divorce in these circumstances can delay retirement, which can be depressing. That’s just one reason why emotional wellbeing can be critical here, too.

Know how to prioritize issues in your divorce

Regardless of when you seek divorce, there are going to be certain issues that are high priority for you. You need to know how to focus on those issues and build compelling arguments that position you for the outcome you desire. Hopefully then you can move onto the next chapter of your life with your interests as fully protected as possible.



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