We can help with child custody issues
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We can help with child custody issues

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2021 | child custody

Perhaps, one of the most questioned issues within a divorce consultation is child custody. After all, it is one of the most contentious and litigated areas of family law. Parents (and grandparents) always believe that they know what is best for their children (and grandchildren), and they place a high value on maintaining their relationship with them. Indeed, child custody disputes are highly charged and emotional affairs, which is why it is so important to hire a professional family law attorney.

The legal landscape has changed

In 2011, the Pennsylvania’s Child Custody Act (23 Pa.C.S.A. Sec. 5321 to 23 Pa.C.S.A. Sec. 5340) changed how our state handles child custody litigation. These changes ushered in new rules for grandparent child custody standing, parental relocation rules, child custody presumptions, parenting plans, guardian ad litems and changed the way that the family law courts deal with criminal charges and convictions, among many other changes. This is why it is so important to call our firm, Laura Robbins Law, L.L.C., to ensure one’s rights are protected, and to help successfully navigate this new and complicated system.

How can one guarantee child custody?

Unfortunately, no one can guarantee that a court will find in their favor. That is simply not possible. However, once we know the details of one’s case, we can help determine the likelihood of success, like whether one has as strong case for visitation and custody. This is why it is so important to contact our State College, Pennsylvania, law firm to help with one’s child custody questions.

We are here to help

At the law firm of Laura Robbins Law, L.L.C., we understand that this is a trying time for our clients. Getting a child custody determination is one of the most important things that can happen in the lives of our clients and the children. This is why we are here and we are here to help.