Is parental kidnapping a risk in your case?
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Is parental kidnapping a risk in your case?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2020 | child custody

When your spouse looked at the custody schedule you suggested, they said something you won’t ever forget. They threatened that if this schedule was approved, you’d never see your kids. That didn’t make sense, since the schedule was nearly a 50-50 custody split. Both of you were meant to see your children as often as possible.

Unfortunately, your spouse is angry and doesn’t want anything to do with you. Their intention was to seek sole custody, even though there is no reason to take custody away from you. This situation is extremely stressful, and red flags are waving.

Parental kidnapping is a real danger in some custody cases

Parental kidnapping is a real threat to many children. It happens when one parent takes the children away and prevents the other parent from seeing them. You don’t want that to happen, so what can you do?

There are some red flags you can look for and tell your attorney about immediately. Some include:

  • Threats of taking the children
  • A volatile relationship with your spouse that includes arguments over custody
  • Signs that the other parent is getting ready to leave, like ordering passports or quitting a job suddenly
  • The other parent is from another country and wants your children to grow up abroad
  • A history of the other parent taking your children somewhere without your knowledge

Parental kidnapping, and accusations of it, are very serious, but making your attorney aware of the risks is important. They can help you take steps to minimize the risk to your children and will be there to help as soon as possible if your children are in immediate danger.


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