2 of the most-cited reasons to file for divorce

If you ask most divorcing spouses, they will have several reasons why they decided to bring their marital union to a close. Some spouses might not be entirely clear about what happened -- they just know that it's time for them to move on. If you take a poll of Pennsylvania divorce and family law attorneys, they'll also be able to give you a long list of the reasons why marriages end.

Here are two of the most common things on which divorcing spouses blame their marital troubles:

Financial challenges

Money problems can undermine any relationship. If one spouse isn't working and the other spouse is required to support the entire family, this is fine if the working spouse is generating enough income. But when a serious financial hurdle presents itself, a weak partnership could collapse under the strain.

An inability to communicate

Communication in a relationship happens on many different levels. It's not simply about being able to have a deep and fulfilling verbal conversation. You and your spouse need to communicate with each other in a way that both of you feel understood -- and this could happen on the nonverbal, subconscious level as well. Regardless of what's happening and what was the cause, if you feel like your spouse doesn't understand you, or that you can't go to your spouse for solace when you're having a difficult day, this communication barrier could one day challenge the strength of your marriage.

Are you suffering from marital challenges that make you want to divorce? You might want to consider what divorce will be like before you initiate the process. A Pennsylvania family law attorney can help you look ahead to explore your legal options.

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