What should I do if my ex isn't paying child support?

When a family law judge issues an order to pay child support, the order becomes law. Failure to comply with that law means that the offending party could be in contempt of court, which can result in steep fines, wage garnishment and even jail time. A judge can also suspend the negligent parent's professional licenses, and the parent may face criminal charges.

If your ex has failed to fulfill his or her child support obligations, you are on the right side of Pennsylvania law. Your local Bureau of Child Support Enforcement (BCSE) office is at your disposal to enforce your child support orders. Here's what the BCSE can help you with:

  • Pursue as much as six months of jail time, six months of probation and $500 in fines.
  • Conduct the seizure of bank assets belonging to the offending party.
  • Conduct the seizure of workers' compensation and personal injury award money belonging to the offending party.
  • Conduct the seizure of state and federal tax return money belonging to the offending party.
  • Suspend the offending party's driver's license, occupational license, professional license or recreation license.
  • Deny the offending party his or her passport.
  • Apply liens against the offending party's real estate property.
  • Intercept the offending party's lottery earnings.
  • Report the offending party to credit reporting agencies.
  • Publish the offending party's name in newspapers as a delinquent parent.

If you're dealing with an ex who doesn't want to pay his or her legally-required child support obligations, it's time to stand up for your child support rights. A Pennsylvania child support attorney can assist in educating you on this important area of the law.

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