What’s the Pennsylvania parent locator service?
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What’s the Pennsylvania parent locator service?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2017 | family law

Imagine you’re a single woman and suddenly you realize you’re pregnant. You hadn’t thought about the one-night-stand you had with a man on Halloween night for more than a month, but now he is very much on your mind — because he’s the father of your baby. The problem is, you don’t know how to find him. You look on Facebook. You look on the internet. You look everywhere, but he’s nowhere to be found.

Faced with the economic need to pay for your child after he or she is born, and the wish for your child to know his or her daddy, you are desperate to find this man but at a loss for how to do it. Fortunately, public assistance may be available to help you find the father of your baby through the state of Pennsylvania’s Parent Locator Service.

The Parent Locator System is available to parents who can’t find the noncustodial parent of their children — for whatever reason. The Parent Locator System is a service offered by the Domestic Relations Sections, (DRS) of the County Court of Common Pleas. The service takes advantage of state, federal and local databanks to conduct a detailed investigation and locate a missing parent. All you have to do is give the DRS whatever information you have on the parent. Do you have his full name, date of birth or Social Security number?

Once you find the parent of your child, you may then be able to pursue a legal action to prove his parentage and receive child support money to pay for your child’s care. A Pennsylvania child custody attorney can be very helpful to represent you in these goals and to protect your rights as a single mother.

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