Adding up your marital assets
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Adding up your marital assets

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2017 | divorce

When Pennsylvania spouses decide to divorce, they are dealing with a lot of emotional challenges. Even if you’re able to keep your eyes on the better future that is to come, it’s never emotionally easy to separate from a long-term intimate partner. Eventually, though, spouses need to focus on the business aspects of divorce — namely, finances and asset division.

A skilled and experienced Pennsylvania divorce law firm, such as Laura Robbins Law, LLC, can hold your hand through every step of your asset division process. Before you head to speak with an attorney about asset division, however, you’ll want to take an inventory of your marital assets. These will be the assets subject to division during your divorce. Generally, marital assets include any assets, income and debt liabilities that either you or your spouse acquired after your marriage date. This can include your separate incomes and valuation increases on personal property.

Here are some of the things you’ll want to take note of during your marital asset review:

— Homes

— Real estate property

— Boats

— Recreational vehicles

— Vehicles

— Retirement plans

— Stocks, bonds and other investments

— Tax returns

— Vested or unvested stock options

— Life insurance policies

— Loans to people

— Antiques, art and collectibles

— Tools

— Frequent flyer points and miles

— Unused vacation pay

These are all important things to consider when you’re cataloging your marital assets. However, just because you have a home, piece of real estate or property does not necessarily mean that you will need to divide or lose it in your divorce. At Laura Robbins Law, LLC, we will evaluate your marital property situation while protecting your right to keep and receive specific property during your divorce.


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