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Defending A Protection From Abuse Action

Being served with a Protection From Abuse Order catches many people by surprise. In addition, a protection from abuse defendant has little time to prepare for a hearing — 23 Pa.C.S.A. Sec. 6107 of the Protection From Abuse Act provides that a hearing shall be scheduled within 10 business days of the filing of the petition.

As a defendant in a Protection From Abuse Action, many of your legal rights can be affected. For example, you may not only be prohibited from contacting the protection from abuse plaintiff. Having a Protection From Abuse Order against you may also affect your right to see your children, your right to live in your house, your right to bear arms and other legal rights. In addition, you may also be forced to pay for the fees and costs of the Protection From Abuse Action. It is important, if not vital, that you understand all of the implications when dealing with a Protection From Abuse Action.

Frequently Asked Questions By Protection From Abuse Defendants

  1. Can I still pursue primary physical custody of my children if their other parent has successfully put a Protection From Abuse Order against me?
  2. Should I agree to have a Protection From Abuse Order put against me, or should I fight it?
  3. My ex-partner put a Protection From Abuse Order against me and the hearing is in one week. I have been evicted from my residence and all of my personal belongings are still there. How can I get them back?

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