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CourtAppealing your case to a higher Court is not an easy decision to make. However, most litigants choose to file an appeal when they have an overwhelming feeling of bias against them at the lower court, or a feeling that their issue is so important they must exhaust all possibilities to have their position heard and considered. Most litigants are advised that winning an appeal is difficult, and investing time and money in an appeal should only be done in the most unusual of circumstances.

The Appeal Process

Not only is winning an appeal difficult, but there are also very strict rules of Court a litigant must follow in order to have an appeal heard and considered. Whether it be an appeal to the Commonwealth Court, Superior Court, or Supreme Court, every litigant must be familiar with the Court's rules, whether or not represented by counsel. If a litigant violates one of the rules, the appeal may be dismissed without being heard or considered.

It is important to have experienced counsel represent you if you choose to appeal your case. The benefits of hiring an experienced attorney for your appeal are priceless - you will be able to support your position with properly-cited case law, you will have a brief filed on your behalf if necessary, and you will have a professional 'guide' as you navigate through the appeal process.

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Laura Robbins, Esq. is experienced in handling appeals at the Commonwealth Court and Superior Court. Please call 814-753-4625 to schedule a consultation regarding your appellate matter.


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