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Joint, sole, physical and legal custody options to think about

Child custody is a very serious matter because it can impact the entire future of a child. When parents are going through a child custody battle, they must think carefully about how each decision will impact the child. One important thing that they have to determine if they are trying to work things out through collaborative methods or mediation is what type of custody model is going to be used.

Typically, parents have to decide whether the child custody arrangement is a sole custody or a joint custody arrangement. The vast majority of cases utilizes a joint custody model.

How lying can affect your divorce

Since the time we are kids, we are taught not to lie. Lying can be hurtful and get us into trouble. Unfortunately, when two people are divorcing, they can find it quite tempting to lie in the interest of self-preservation.

However, even if you think a lie could improve your situation, you will likely find that it will not, as there are serious consequences to lying during the divorce process. Below, we take a brief look at how lying can affect you and the various elements of a divorce.


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